Elapse by Studio Arne Boon

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Elapse is a participatory installation that scans the visual environment bit after bit to compose one single scene out of all those separate moments. Elapse depicts a still image of our ever ongoing linear timeframe.


A wireless webcam can be pointed on a situation of interest by the visitors engaging with the artwork. From each incoming video frame only one block of pixel data is captured and added to a new image scene. This scanning process goes from left to right, top to bottom, until the complete scene is composed. Eventually the situation depicted is build up of separate blocks of pixels from all those different frames, showing a bit of all those moments over time in one scene.


Besides being the directors the scenes being captured, the visitors can adjust the size of the block of image data that is captured each frame with a rotary switch. Thereby the time-span it takes for a scene to be completely covered from top to bottom is controlled. A red button can be pressed to save a particular moment of the construction of the image. Furthermore there is an auto-save toggle switch for the visitors to either keep saving all the completed scenes each round or not.


Elapse depicts a still image of the moments that inevitably pass by, and tries to capture our linear timeframe into one single scene. The installation tries to remark the very existence of time, space and perception. On itself the installation is presenting the environment as it has been captured over time, for a creative visitor this becomes a platform to play with the natural constrains of time and space and shape an image that tricks the perception of a scene.


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